Workforce Management Software

Transform your workforce to be highly productive

Your workforce management is both the biggest cost as well as asset to your organisation. Through our years of experience, Frontier e-HR has partnered with organisations just like yours to assist them in managing their employees’ time efficiently to create an engaged, motivated and highly productive workforce. With our workforce management software, you will realize workforce management is no longer a burden of your business.

Frontier e-HR’s Workforce Management System provides an integrated solution offering Time and Attendance system, Workforce Scheduling system and Timesheet Management system with comprehensive intelligence and analytics capabilities.

The workforce management software is designed for HR, Finance and Operations department to significantly reduce the amount of time spent on traditional scheduling. It is a proven solution which improves the management of workplace attendance, absences, overtime, allowances and disciplinary procedures.

Your workforce will also enjoy the flexibility to manage their time off and you can now position yourself as an attractive organization which leverage of the usage of this advanced technology.

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