Intelligent Time Tracking

leapsUp is an end-to-end solution for tracking of work schedules, billable project hours, and overtime


Timesheet Management System

Intelligent Time Tracking

Frontier e-HR leapsUP Timesheet Management System assists you in capturing  various types of billable hours for different types of business and project environment. Our timesheet management system enables regulatory compliance controls and department policies therefore eases HR in administrative tracking and calculation process. leapsUP is an end-to-end solution for tracking of work schedules, billable project hours, and calculation of overtime information automatically and accurately. All this information will translate into a better workforce planning, resource utilization and project cost distribution. Eliminate the pain of unproductive management, particularly if your workforce or project teams are in disparate time zones and locations.

Provide your employees and project managers a user-friendly timesheet system to track time spent on each task in a project.

Through real-time information, easily track where resources are and if they are required, make better strategic planning for them, thus optimizing resources and project costs.

Empower your administrators with the ability to analyse workforce performance and optimize resource utilization.

leapsUP highly configurable and intuitive cloudbased timesheet module captures all billable hours in various business environment imaginable. Reduce the administrative burden on your HR personnel and eradicate inefficient management of globally-dispersed workforce running different projects simultaneously. leapsUP efficiently help manage projects, keep costs under control and boost performance