Be a more attractive employer
through time-off benefits

Time off is a benefit intended to help your employees stay happier, engaged and working for your company longer. So instead of asking yourself what you'll gain if you offer more or less, consider what you stand to lose if you don't. Will you be able to attract and retain the talent you need and keep pace with company's growth?


Time Off Management

Be a more attractive employer through time-off benefits

Time off is a policy in some employee handbooks that provides employees to trade their overtimes hours for off days. Employees value the flexibility that time off provides. Frontier e-HR leapsUP Time Off Management provides you with solution to simplify your time off request and approval process. We believe that in a competitive labour market, there are positive effects for employers to implement Time Off policies.

Your employees will be able to plan their time off in advance and have the information of their time off balance and consumed conveniently.

Your managers will deal with lesser unplanned absences, this will give them ample time to arrange for work coverage.

An automated solution assists your administrators to eliminate the manual tracking of everyone’s time off.

Your employees will have a better morale and be more committed to do OT when required. Time off policy encourages employees to work harder and put in overtimes when the situation called for it because they know the company will treat them fairly.

Frontier e-HR leapsUP supports you to achieve all the above through these comprehensive features and facilities: