High precision time
and location tracking

Effortlessly manage shift schedules, and accurately calculate OT and allowances. Automatically records mobile employees' locations when they clock in and out using GPS features


Time Attendance System

Employee schedule rostering made easy

Frontier e-HR leapsUP Time Attendance System accurately captures and calculates employees’ attendance records in real time, keeping your HR updated with information on workforce utilisation. leapsUP streamlines attendance tracking on a cloud-based, intuitive and user friendly platform. Flexible and custom scheduling, work patterns and multi-shift rosters set up in leapsUP enable painless workforce planning that suits diverse industries.

Get instant and real time visibility and accountability of your employees through leapsUP GPS clocking system. They can now transform their mobile phones into a cutting-edge clocking management device and view their schedule on the go.

Empower your managers with delivered attendance reports and the ability to track their team across various schedule groups. Give them the ability to approve, view and monitor attendance information quickly and identify and resolve issues with minimal effort.

Lift the manual calculation burden off your administrators with our seamless time tracking. Easily drill down into attendance details and encourage data-driven business decision making to improve efficiency.