Talent Management System

The days of traditional organisational designs supporting static business model are now gone forever, challenged by disruptive new comers. Companies that are more than a decade old might be challenged at any time by the new entrants who utilise new digital values to bring in competitive advantages to the market. Organisations which want to survive must understand the critical of human capital in the new economy and it is undeniable that talent management is one of the key drivers of sustainability.

Ongoing employee talent, training and skills development plays a huge role in business success, therefore a new age of Human Resources Management Software which include Talent Management has been a high priority purchase for companies who want to maintain their business performance and sustainability.

Through Frontier e-HR’s comprehensive built in intelligence, analytics, and functionalities, Talent Management software will be delivered out-of-the-box. We bring together the best of functional talent management cloud-based Performance Appraisal System, Learning Management System, Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and On-Job-Training Software to ensure that you will be able to recruit, develop and retain your workforce for business competitiveness.

Find out from our team about Talent Management software grant from PSG eligible for Singapore SMEs.