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Talent Acquisition Platform Modules

Build the solution you need to find the right Talent

Candidate Relationship Management
Build your Talent Pipeline and start converting visitors and passive candidates into applicants. Our CRM modules help organisations to identify the best candidates through powerful cross-platform search, segment the best channels for recruitment advertising and target those high-value candidates with communications and content until the point of conversion. Help your Recruiters to think and act like marketers and use beautiful career sites and job adverts to give the best possible representation of your culture and brand.

The heart of any Talent Acquisition effort, Recruiting no longer needs to be a series of isolated activities. Our recruiting module empowers your recruiters to manage the recruitment workflow, build a strategy for 360 degree reference checking and seamlessly transition successful applicants into new employees within one integrated process.

Advanced profile search capabilities
Make candidate sourcing fast and natural by applying semantic, meaning-based search queries to your internal candidate marketplace. Improve the accuracy or your sourcing efforts by applying filters which allow you to search for those with the right fit. Search for candidates by job title, skills and experience, or utilise geo-localisation to search for candidates living within a defined proximity of your roles.

Drive effective decision making using Recruitment Analytics that give your internal teams the information they need, in a format they can understand. Utilise real-time dashboards, tailored reports and interactive filtering to assess performance across all levels and stages of the acquisition journey. Our data-mart supported by superior machine learning capabilities provides the predictive insights your organisation needs to make the best decisions that drive outcome and hiring success. Our data scientists will help you to identify issues before they arise.