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Handling of HRIS Data

We have a stringent and proper procedure to protect your HRIS data. We treat the confidentiality of your data seriously. It forms a fundamental practice in all aspects of our business activities, both during the software implementation (data migration) and performing on-going support (troubleshooting).


Data migration
Standard password protected data upload template will be provided for our client to collect and submit data. The password is strictly guarded and released only to the relevant personnel within our client’s team and our assigned consultant. *

Completion of data migration
Upon acceptance of data migration, all copies of client’s data will be destroyed. **


On-going Support

Before our customer service team works on troubleshooting your HR database, written approval from our client is required. All HR data will be treated with password protection. All physical and soft-copy of our customer data will be destroyed after troubleshooting. **


* All Frontier e-HR staff signed a non-disclosure agreement (which covers the handling of customer’s HRIS data) when commencing their employment with Frontier e-HR Pte Ltd.
** For the HRIS database that installed in customer’s managed IT infrastructure, Frontier e-HR’s staff do not have direct access to the HRIS system.
** For the HRIS database that installed in Frontier e-HR's managed IT infrastructure, customer's HRIS data is kept securely and has never been accessed for anything else other than maintenance or support activities that are raised by or to the customer.