Shipping And Logistics

The Shipping and Bunkering industry has unique HR requirements that companies have to abide by. These include the Employment Act as well as the Maritime Labour Conventions(MLC).

Frontier e-HR addresses seafarers’ employment and working conditions on ships such as wage payments, rest hours, and their rights for annual and shore leaves.

With Frontier e-HR’s internet-based access capability, each ship becomes an independent and self-reliant workplace for its crew’s HR needs!

  • Conveniently publish schedules which will be available for all your employees via Frontier e-HR self-service portal
  • Access to a detailed schedule which gives you a complete control over employees exact working hour
  • Automatic compliance checking against working time directives and employee contracts
  • Easy management to handle employees who are on leave, find and replace absent employee through the overview received from the schedule
  • Conveniently create yearly schedule for the staff manning different clinics across various locations