Give Employees opportunities to succeed

Frontier e-HR’s latest development of the Task Module allows Managers to create opportunities, or Performance Action Tasks, for Employees with performance deficiencies to improve! Use the Task module to assign action plans that are used to address previous difficulties in meeting specific job goals or to improve behavior-related concerns.

With the Task Module, Managers or Administrators will be able to assign tasks to Employees. These tasks can be set with due dates and specific instructions. Employees receiving the tasks will be able to keep track of their progress.

Managers can immediately rate their Employee’s task upon completion, with the task still fresh in their minds. These Performance Action Tasks can be summarized during Employee’s next appraisal period.

Find out more about our Performance Appraisal System that can be used concurrently with the Task Module’s PIP feature.

Feel free to approach our team for a demo if you’ll like to find out more!