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Smarter payroll delivered on the cloud

In our field of work, as a data intermediary under the PDPA’s classification, Frontier e-HR Pte Ltd and its employees are committed in practicing safe & secured Personal Data governance. In order to ensure the given Personal Data are well kept and secured, below are the standard operating procedures that we uphold:

  1. All personnel hired by Frontier e-HR Pte Ltd are required to sign an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) letter when joining the company.
  2. All employees of Frontier e-HR Pte Ltd are reminded at least once a year (either verbally or via electronic media such as email) on matters & compliance to the PDPA Act.
  3. Personal Data disclosed by customer to our consultant(s) in-charged for the specific project for the purpose of system implementation, troubleshooting, or any other activities raised by the customer, are only accessible by the same consultant(s) and will not be shared to anyone else, unless prior authorisation has been given by the customer.
  4. All digital documents (eg: Word DOC, Excel XLS, etc…) that need to be transmitted between Frontier e-HR and the customer will be password protected whenever possible. If the digital documents do not allow any password protection feature, then such said documents will be zipped and password protected.
  5. Any password to unlock any digital document(s) containing Personal Data are communicated through a separate channel, and not through the same channel as the digital document that is transmitted. For example, if a document is sent via email, the password to unlock the doument will be communicated through a telephone call.
  6. Frontier e-HR’s hosted environments are protected by a firewall and antivirus system.
  7. Access to the data inside the hosted machine is only permitted to a selected few consultants. Other than the authorised consultants, no other personnel in Frontier e-HR will have access to the hosted machines (eg: developers, sales personnel, etc…).
  8. All printed copies of any customer’s Personal Data will be immediately shredded when they are no longer in use.
  9. Upon completion of a project implementation or troubleshooting activity, all the customer’s Personal Data will be destroyed immediately.