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Payroll Outsourcing Services in Singapore

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Payroll outsourcing can be an effective means to achieve strategic operational gains and cost savings whereby you can create value through our support functions. Processing employee payroll is a time-consuming process. Those repetitive tasks could take away hours from your daily productivity. Outsourcing payroll immediately frees up your precious time.

Our dedicated in-house specialists will ensure compliance at every level with our in-depth understanding of the complexities of the payroll functions, labor laws, taxation laws, and various enactments. Our team is committed to helping organisations increase their HR efficiency through payroll processing services and HR automation. Clients only need to make contact with our payroll specialist by approving once each pay period.

Most business owners and payroll related staff don’t have time to study and keep up with the ever-changing statutory regulations. By outsourcing payroll, small businesses can take advantage of expertise in payroll services that was previously available only to big companies. Outsourcing your non-core business functions, you can better focus on strategic and operational goals. At Frontier Payroll Outsourcing, we deliver integrity and reliable payroll services. Leveraging on our payroll processing expertise, clients get professional HR advice, absolute timely delivery, reduced operation costs and minimal hassle for your Payroll/HR administration needs.

Benefits of outsourcing payroll with Frontier


Cloud-based payroll software with robust functionality and scalable architecture  provides critical advantages over a traditional payroll system. We manage your full end to end payroll, including pay element computation, salary crediting, payslips issuance and timely mandatory contribution. HR and payroll outsourcing allow organisations access to the best technology without committing valuable resources to maintain the payroll management. Beside Singapore payroll services, we also cover payroll services for the region.


Adhering to statutory compliances is necessary to keep your business safe from legal risk. We stay on top of legislation changes and ensure your HR and payroll practices comply with the imposed regulations. By enforcing seamless knowledge transfer with our payroll management software we ensure our clients sound corporate governance and avoidance of all litigation and associated costs that may arise out of non compliance. Our payroll outsource Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the rest of the region strictly follow the local statutory rules.


To improve business intelligence with dynamic reporting, we assist in tracking and maintaining confidential data, leave and benefit records, and career movements of your employees by using our fully-integrated Human Resource Management System and e payroll system. Simple and fast-to-run reconciliation reports provide the organisation with instant insight into payroll details with payment analysis. Through a single deployment that is designed around the way you work, your employees can perform HR self-service functions from any mobile device.


A breach in confidentiality can result in repercussions that may affect one or more or even the organisation itself. We vigilantly monitor and maintain our security standards to ensure your business’s confidential information is protected. We enforce confidential data to be encrypted in our HRIS System and payroll software. Your data remains confidential in a restricted access area controlled by biometric equipment with a fire protection system. We conduct regular data backup and data health check to guarantee data safety in our HRMS software and cloud based payroll System.

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Yes, it is possible to start outsourcing your payroll at any point of the year. During the implementation process, our consultants will ensure that all your current YTD payroll data been accurately uploaded into the system and perform a parallel run to ensure consistency. This helps to ensure that your taxes are filed accurately during year end.

Frontier e-HR also provides ad-hoc payroll services such as the year-end tax preparation and submission, preparation and submission of Form IR21, submission of applications for reimbursements for government paid leave, submission of make-up pay claim by NS Man and more!

Maintaining the security and integrity of our customers’ payroll data is our utmost priority. That’s why we take precautions in the:

● People that run the payroll
● Processes in which your data is being handled
● Environment in which your data is being held.

Read more about the measures we take here!

While running your payroll in-house gives you more flexibility of when to run your payroll, there is less check-and-balance (if you have a lean payroll team). An external team that specializes in payroll helps to take your mind (and time) off constantly ensuring you are up-to-date on statutory regulations and also ensures the accuracy of payroll by having secondary checkers. The vendor is also responsible for your payroll data and takes extended measures to ensure that it is safe through ISO27001 and OSPAR accreditation. This ensures that there are no internal leaks to payroll, thus making your payroll more secure.

Your staff will be able to receive their payslips via email, in hardcopy or log into their self-service portal on the Desktop or Mobile App to view their payslips.

This varies based on how many entities and employees you have. Setting up a brand new payroll will involve the data import, payroll elements setup, UAT and parallel runs. This process can take between 2 weeks to 2 months.

Yes, our outsourcing team can handle payroll for Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Indonesia too.