Employee Self Service

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With the employee self-service feature of our reputable payroll software, your employees will gain control over their HR-related tasks and needs, enhancing productivity and efficiency across your business. Say goodbye to time-consuming administrative processes and hello to a simplified, intuitive user experience.

Our pioneering employee self-service tool empowers your workforce to handle various HR responsibilities independently. From viewing pay stubs and managing time-off requests to updating personal information, employees can conveniently access and manage their own HR needs without the hassle of manual processes.

With Frontier e-HR employee self service, you are investing in the success of your business. By empowering your employees and streamlining HR processes, you unlock a wealth of benefits, from enhanced productivity to increased employee satisfaction and retention. Experience the transformative power of employee self-service today.

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Benefits of Employee Self Service

Empowerment and Autonomy

Employees gain a sense of empowerment and autonomy, allowing them to manage their HR-related tasks independently.

Time and Effort Savings

Streamlined processes lead to significant time and effort savings for both employees and HR administrators.

Enhanced Productivity

Increased efficiency and reduced administrative burden contribute to enhanced overall productivity within the organization.

24/7 Accessibility

Employees have anytime, anywhere access to HR information, fostering flexibility and accommodating diverse work schedules.

Cost Efficiency

Automation of HR processes through Employee Self-Service contributes to cost efficiency by minimizing the need for manual intervention.

Enhanced Employee Satisfaction

Empowered employees and streamlined processes contribute to higher job satisfaction, positively impacting overall workplace morale.