Frontier e-HR Privacy Policy (PDPA/GDPR compliant)


Information that we collect:

The data collected in according to PDPA will be used appropriately to confirm your identity. Areas where personal data can be collected include signing up and creating a Frontier e-HR account, downloading the Frontier e-HR app, asking for a quote for our services or when contacting us.

Employee personal information:

When engaging with services provided by Frontier e-HR, some employee personal information will need to be collected for HR processing. Clients can upload their employee database into our system for processing, where it will be collected and stored through the software platform. Employee data that will be collected includes, but not limited to, employee names, birthdate, identification, certifications, claims and other information necessary for building up their personal profiles in our system.

Personal information provided when contacting us:

Personal information will be collected through the online forms when contacting us through our website. The information collected through the form includes the contact’s name, company name, staff strength, email and contact number. Some of these fields are compulsory and has to be filled up in order to submit the enquiry.

Feedback and testimonials:

Frontier e-HR also accepts any feedback or testimonials from system users. The reviewers name, company affiliation and content of the feedback will be collected and may be used as a case study.


How information will be used:

At Frontier e-HR, we use personal information for several reasons related to improving our client’s user experience. Listed below are the ways that personal information will be used by Frontier e-HR:

Employee profile creation:

To use our system effectively, employee profiles will need to be created so that they can use our system. These profiles will be created using personal data from the employee database provided by our clients.

Once the profiles have been completed, employees will have access to their own accounts. They can also request for the admin to make any changes to their personal profiles to rectify any inaccurate information or to update outdated data. The HR team will act as administrators in the system and will be granted admin accounts that has access to employee data. However, other employees that are not in the HR team will not be able view the information of other co-workers.

Communication & Marketing:

Your contact information will be recorded down when you contact us through our website form. We will use the provided contact information to contact you and answer any enquiries that you may have about our services. We will also use information such as your email address to send you newsletters, blog posts or any other important information that you might be interested in. You can choose to opt out of our email chain if you wish to stop receiving future marketing communications.

Improving our services:

Information collected about our users on our system and app will be used for in-depth analysis, done by our product specialists. The analysis will help us identify weaker areas that we can work on, so that we can provide the best service quality that our clients deserve. Apart from user information, feedback collected about our services will also be taken into account when making improvements to our system.


How information is shared and disclosed:

There are several ways that client information is shared at Frontier e-HR:


Employers and human resource managers will have access to the employment information of their employees. This information will be made available strictly for the purpose of human resource administration and management operations.

Setting up accounts:

When we provide our services, we will require employee information from our clients for verification purposes. Employee information can be transferred through several means, namely email, portable drives or remote access software. Data that is transferred through portable drives will be password protected, ensuring that the information inside is secure even in the case of misplacing the drive. As for remote access software, Frontier e-HR uses highly secure systems like TeamViewer for data transfer.

Legal compliance:

Frontier e-HR may disclose personal information to public authorities if we have determined that we are legally obliged to do so.

We reserve the rights to disclose your personal data to other parties without receiving the client’s permission beforehand in certain situations. These situations include but are not limited to: situations in which the disclosure is required or authorized based on the law and/or regulations and/or permitted by the PDPA or law situations in which the disclosure is necessary to respond to an emergency that threatens the life, health or safety of any individual. Disclosure of personal information is compulsory for any investigations or proceedings.


Retention of data:

Frontier e-HR will retain personal and business information for as long as necessary to provide cloud based human resource management service under our Terms of Use. The standard retention period of a project is estimated to be around 1 month after the project has been completed. However, the actual data retention period for each project may vary depending on the nature of the project. Nonetheless, the data retention period for each project will be stated in the contract.

Frontier e-HR uses a list of criteria to determine the retention period of a project. Our data retention policy states that Frontier e-HR will retain information as long as it is

  1. Necessary for any part of payroll processing
  2. Necessary to carry out any type of services for our clients
  3. Clients have agreed to allow Frontier e-HR to retain their personal information for operational use
  4. Retention of data is deemed necessary in compliance to data retention laws



In light of the multiple hacking incidents in Singapore, Frontier e-HR has taken extra steps in recent years to ramp up our security measures. After all, the security of our client’s data is of our utmost importance. For starters, Frontier e-HR received the ISO27001 certification in 2019. This certificate attests that our system meets the international cyber security standards set by the ISO and IEC.

Our servers are also hosted locally on a secure data center. The data center is certified to be of TIA Tier 2. Tier 2 data centers boast a 99.7% availability throughout the year with minimal server downtime. This ensures that our system is guaranteed to be online throughout the year with little hiccups in between. Our development team also conducts routine anti-hack tests on our own software to ensure that hackers will be unable to penetrate our systems.

The virtual machines that our system uses are also protected by a 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) system. Similar to the login process of iBanking apps, our system requires users to login with their username and password, as well as submitting a one-time password (OTP) that will be sent to their mobile phone. Adding on, when multiple failed log-in attempts have been detected, a notification will be sent to the account’s owner to alert the user and prompt them to change their password.

Nonetheless, despite the numerous measures undertaken by Frontier e-HR to ensure the safety of our client’s information, clients should still be aware that transmission of information through the internet is not completely fool proof and leakages may occur. Frontier e-HR cannot guarantee the security of your information when it is transmitted to Frontier e-HR services or through other third-party software. As such, clients should be aware that data transfer of personal information should occur at their own risk.


Contact us:

If you have any enquiries or requests related to our Policy on personal information, please contact our Data Protection Officer via email at ( or contact us at +65 3157 1383.

Do note that Frontier e-HR reserves the right to change this policy at any time. Any amendments made to the policy will be immediately reflected on the company website. Frontier e-HR will alert clients of any significant changes that may affect prior operational agreements. Our clients will be notified through their email or our service. Continued usage of our services will be taken as an acceptance of our amended policy.