Never lose track of an employee’s onboarding and offboarding status

Frontier e-HR’s latest development of the Task Module allows administrators to design and track Onboarding and Offboarding checklists. It helps administrators to coordinate a new employee’s onboarding with multiple departments and different persons in-charge to ensure that they are onboarded smoothly and on-time.

Design unlimited checklists to accommodate to the different needs in different positions and departments. Make sure that all areas are covered by disseminating tasks easily through our Task Executor feature.

During offboarding, gather a report on their total assets and ensure that each is promptly returned to your organization.

Managers will have an overview of tasks that have been assigned to their subordinates and keep track that their tasks are completed on time. Managers will be able to analyze their subordinate’s completion rate and other important metrics that will reflect on the productivity and efficiency of their team.

Staff will be able to prioritize their tasks according to urgency of the task or its due date. Instead of receiving ad-hoc tasks with no centralized space to store them, Staff will now be able to head to their Task dashboard to view them all.

Get creative on how you can make use of the Task Module for Onboarding, Offboarding and other checklists your organization has. Explore using Task Module for your Performance Improvement Plans as well.

Feel free to approach our team for a demo if you’ll like to find out more!