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SIDEC SME Digitalisation Matching Grant

Sidec SME Digitalisation Matching Grant helps companies in Selangor keen on adopting IT solutions to enhance business processes. Leave your details in the form to check your eligibility and we’ll get back to you!

Human Resource Management Software (HRMS)

Multi-jurisdictional e-HR System that offers you the flexibility to manage all your regional operations through a single platform. Our HR Management Software allows you the option to cater to your needs and various statutory requirements in Malaysia. For example, it is able to customise to multiple languages

Entree Swift

Frontier e-HR’s Entree Swift is specially catered for Malaysia SMEs to be an affordable and practical solution for all your HR needs. It consists of Payroll Management System, Personnel Management System, Leave Management System, Claim Management System and Time Attendance Management System. Using our state-of-art technology and Swift methodology, we will empower your HR team to be efficient and effective.

Malaysia Payroll Management

Forget about the traditional time-consuming method of keeping your payroll and jump aboard Frontier e-HR’s Payroll Management. With our flawless design, the user experience is simple and intuitive allowing you to save ample time for other crucial operational activities.

Malaysia Talent Management

Full suite system with flexible and team-centric Talent Performance Management Solution that facilitates continuous coaching and feedback session, 360-degree peer view, and development of your workforce. It covers the Performance Appraisal System, Learning Management System, Recruitment system, and OJT system. Furthermore, our Talent Management Solution is seamlessly integrated into our HRMS software.


As business becomes increasingly digital, securing and protecting our customers’ data is our top priority. Over in Frontier e-HR, we protect your data with utmost care and will never make any compromise to your security. We are ISO 27001 certified which means that our HRIS software undergoes regular penetration and vulnerability tests, guaranteeing you the highest possible standard of cybersecurity in Malaysia

Attendance Management

Accurate and real-time attendance records are crucial for Malaysia companies in every industry. With Frontier e-HR’s Attendance Management, employees are able to indicate their attendance through biometric recognition or even remotely via GPS enabled tracking through our Mobile App.