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Learning Management System

Develop a skilled workforce

Frontier e-HR leapsUP Learning Management System provides an end-to-end solution for managing all training processes. Educating and developing employees can no longer be done every now and then. Instead, companies have to committed to nurturing their workforce to ensure that the company remains efficient and competitive in the market. Our learning management software provides HR with a holistic view of employee’s performance and learning requirements, hence allowing HR to deliver a learning plan easily.

How Frontier e-HR leapsUP Learning Management System will benefit your team:

Firstly, our Learning Management System will assist you in engaging your employees by giving them responsibility over their own career development. The system can cultivate smart learning paths for them and link learning directly to competencies. This implicates improvement in individual, team and organizational performance.

Together with leapsUP, your managers will become even more effective team leaders, encouraging continuous improvement and innovation in their teams. A strong team headed by a capable leader will bring about long term successes in your organisation.

Furthermore, your administrators will be able to manage all learning and development processes from one central location. They will be able to effortlessly administer regitations, withdrawals, waiting lists, cancellations and mass enrolments through our Learning Management System.

It is important for organizations to remain committed to employee development. Without consistent training, companies will risk losing key talents and a workforce with a poor range of skills. Build a company culture that promotes daily learning and development with leapsUP today.