Cloud-based Human Resource Management System

The best user experience through intuitive design and robust functionality

Today, costs related to human capital make up the major business expenses. Leading firms across industries understand people are their most important asset and the function of HR is changing to embrace better management of human capital to reap better payoff on both top and bottom lines. The focus is not on compliance per se, but rather on alignment, engagement and development of the workforce.

Therefore, our goal in Frontier e-HR is to remove the heavy HR administrative workload to create space for you to focus on higher value added tasks and tools to enable your organisation to execute your overall human capital management strategy.

Frontier e-HR is an enterprise-wide Human Resource Management System ( HRMS ) with robust functionality, scalable architecture and seamless integration between each module. It enhances the user experience through an intuitive, simple and effective user interface. Your company, be it a single entity or a conglomerate with regional or global presence, will see immediate benefits in our integrated suite of HR software.

Why Your Business Needs A HRIS Software?

Through a single deployment designed around the way you work, your employees are empowered to perform self-service functions with Frontier e-HR HRMS anytime, anywhere.

  • Role-based access control: assign and manage staff access based on roles.
  • HR Analytics: Improve your human resources decision-making through actionable analytics and intuitive charts.
  • Guided Steps: Guide the administrators to efficiently complete tasks through the intelligent wizard.
  • SmartAlert: Never miss another critical information update or task pending for your action.
  • Standard Reports: Include hundreds of standard reports for the stakeholders to view summarised or detailed data through a browser, or export data to excel.

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