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On-the-Job Training

Integrated framework for managing and tracking workforce certification and training needs.

Keeping track of your staff required work skillset with leapsUP OJT.

Comprehensive curriculum
Easy to create extensive curriculums, define tasks and groups, determine categories and trainee targets.

Best-practice workflow
Automation of On-the-Job Training (OJT) administration processes includes assigning staff OJT by supervisors, staff acknowledgement, evaluation, certification, and re-certification.

Keeping track of your staff required work skillset
It is easy to keep track of your staff's work skillset leveraging on leapsUP OJT. Auto-reminders are triggered for your staff's re-certifications and training.

Smart notifications
Notifications through email and dashboard for scheduled training and recertifications due.

Easy analysis
Intuitive charts and graphs will significantly ease the understanding of OJT data. Build HR planning and objective decision making based on reliable, transparent data.