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Leave Management

Powerful and user-friendly mobile leave applications available at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.  Convenient to view real-time leave information and approve leave applications.

e-Leave  Real-time leave information on dashboard

View all leave information, such as your leave balance, entitlement, status and history on your dashboard.

Employee Absence Tracking  Better manpower planning

Empowers the managers to gain a better overview of their manpower resources through the comprehensive information.

Leave Application  Online eLeave application

Reduces the usage of paper and helps achieve your mission to go eco-friendly.

Leave Analytics  Comprehensive reports & data analytics

Intuitive charts and graphs for your HR planning and decision making.

Leave Automation  Easy to configure policies and settings

Effectively manage multiple countries’ leave policies, and with options for various calculation methods.

Leave Self-service  Empower self-service improve efficiency

Reduces time and effort in sending and reviewing leave applications through self-service.

Leave System  Paperless leave verifications

Enables staff to attach supporting documents (e.g. medical certificate) for easier verification.

Leave Notifications  SmartAlert

Users will receive notifications through email and on the dashboard. Incoming leave application, for instance.

Powerful and Advanced Administrator Functions


Allows you to organise all leave policies and enjoy the auto calculation of staff records and entitlements within a single setup. With the new feature—Leave Analytics—you can dedicate your time to perform more strategic, value-added, HR functions.

Online eLeave application





Paternity Leave

Working fathers will get more time to look after their newborns in 2017. The second week of paternity leave will be given for fathers of Singapore citizen babies born on 1 Jan 2017, onwards. Read more >>