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Learning Management System

leapsUP Learning Management is a solid foundation to develop your staff skills, reduce talent gaps and accelerate the journey to create a competent workforce.

Best-practices e-Learning Management System.

1. Meaningful learning plan
Allows defining of Individual Learning Plan (ILP) based on the competency of employee, career matrix identifications (LNA), or organisation goals.

2. Smooth executions with automation
Comprehensive settings to automate the admin processes, which includes workflow approval, notifications, and reminders.

3. Measure the effectiveness and future planning
Intuitive charts and graphs will help you understand the learning needs of your employees. You can perform strategic HR planning and improve your decision-making based on reliable, transparent data.


Nine practical features, not to be missed.


LMS  Best-practices Learning Management System based on People Developer (PD) standard

eLearning System Singapore  Individual Learning Plan (ILP)

e-learning  Total Learning Plan (TLP) analysis

Learning Analytics  Learning Needs Analysis (LNA)

Learning Software Singapore  Course enrolment via ILP, course directory or ad-hoc

  Pre and post-course evaluation framework

LMS Software  Bond Management

Learning Analytics  Data Analytics

eLearning  Smart Notification (SmartAlert)