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HR entrée

Best Singapore HR Management Software for SMEs

Affordable automation
Enables you to automate your payroll processes accurately and eliminate any unnecessary manual calculations of staff leave balance, monthly claim, etc. It also ensures that you are working with the latest statutory requirements. With our pay-per-employee payment term and the available government grants, you will discover HR entrée is an excellent investment for your company.

Boost productivity
Increase HR efficiency by reducing tasks that could be fulfilled through a self-service portal. For example, our leave automation will facilitate online leave application and checking of leave balance. Managers can also review their employee leave status as and when needed.

Room to grow
As your business grows, you will be delighted to learn that our solution is highly scalable and agile. New employees and additional modules can easily be added; new companies and policies can be rapidly incorporated.

On the Cloud
Your data is hosted on the cloud. This is translated to convenience for your employees to access information over any devices like PCs, laptops, and mobile devices without you having to worry about supporting an in-house IT infrastructure. Your HR data is secured and protected with regular database maintenance and backups.

Go Paperless
Let’s all do our part to protect our mother earth by going green. Encourage your staff to view payslips, apply for leave or submit a claim online. All your transaction records will be stored in the system for your future reference.

Core HR modules for SMEs:
1. Personnel Module /Staff Records
2. Payroll Processing
3. Leave Management
4. Claim and Expenses