Hospitality and F&B

The ability to create and automate schedules is a crucial requirement for every labour-intensive organization such as Hospitality and F&B industry. The hospitality industry faces unique challenges when it comes to managing their workforce as it requires a comprehensive solution to cater to scheduling staff, paying employees accurately and finding ways to engage with an increasingly dynamic labour force.

Having the right people at the right place and time enable you to deliver a better service standard, besides, you can also easily manage the seasonal employees, freelancer with unique availability requests, quick shift replacements and time attendance approvals all available on the cloud.

Occupancy rates, special events, seasonality and more have a huge influence on the number of staff you need and where you need them most. Frontier e-HR solution will support you with the information on how best to staff your hotel, restaurant or event venue depending on the number of bookings you have during a period of time. You will never have to understaff or overstaff your business again!

  • Conveniently publish schedules via excel upload and make it available for all your employees via Frontier e-HR self-service portal.
  • Allocate resources to areas / locations of most demand when you need it with real time data to support decision making all from a central location or site by site basis.
  • Access to a detailed schedule which gives you a complete control over employees exact working hour
  • Automatic compliance checking against working time directives and employee contracts
  • Flexibility to support shift swaps with colleagues
  • Easy management to handle employees who are on leave, find and replace absent employee through the overview received from the schedule
  • Conveniently create yearly schedule for employees on rotating shifts