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Hospitality and F&B

The ability to create and automate schedules is a crucial requirement for every labour-intensive organization such as Hospitality and F&B industry. The hospitality industry faces unique challenges when it comes to managing their workforce as it requires a comprehensive solution to cater to scheduling staff, paying employees accurately and finding ways to engage with an increasingly dynamic labour force.

Having the right people at the right place and time enable you to deliver a better service standard, besides, you can also easily manage the seasonal employees, freelancer with unique availability requests, quick shift replacements and time attendance approvals all available on the cloud.

Occupancy rates, special events, seasonality and more have a huge influence on the number of staff you need and where you need them most. Frontier e-HR solution will support you with the information on how best to staff your hotel, restaurant or event venue depending on the number of bookings you have during a period of time. You will never have to understaff or overstaff your business again!

  • Conveniently publish schedules which will be available for all your employees via Frontier e-HR self-service portal
  • Allocate resources to areas / locations of most demand when you need it with real time data to support decision making all from a central location or site by site basis.
  • Access to a detailed schedule which gives you a complete control over employees exact working hour
  • Automatic compliance checking against working time directives and employee contracts
  • Flexibility to support shift swaps with colleagues
  • Easy management to handle employees who are on leave, find and replace absent employee through the overview received from the schedule
  • Conveniently create yearly schedule for the staff manning different clinics across various locations
  • Quick overview of all employees’ worked hours, no more payment for unworked hours
  • Ensure employee punctuality
  • Clear approval routines for both employees and managers
  • Flexible working time policy configuration
  • Cost centre based time reporting
  • Managers can perform retroactive adjustments conveniently
  • Site-based time reporting to estimate the labour cost incurred for different sites
  • Effortlessly manage absence reports, time offs and leaves through the integration to other modules
  • Fully automated system syncs time and attendance with payroll to only pay for hours worked
  • Generation of payment files to payroll module
  • Automatic reminders to managers if approvals are missing at the end of payroll period
  • Interface of Payroll information to various finance system
  • Handily delegate tasks to the employees, complete it in a fraction of time it takes with manual system
  • Flexible distribution of task execution to various groups of employees
  • Create flexibility to manage staff to perform shifts based on the operational needs
  • Minimize the risk of important tasks being delayed or forgotten
  • Ad-hoc events can be conveniently managed with the help of proper task assignment
  • Managers can smoothly review temporary change of subordinates’ task
  • Configure your policy conveniently for the maximum overtime worked. Stop overtime before it happens so that you can make the necessary adjustments to your schedule
  • Easily limit the part timers who need to comply to certain number of hours worked
  • Monitoring and handling of overtime pay
  • Accurately perform the costing of your full schedules
  • Assist you in the automation to comply to regulatory mandates and union contract agreements
  • Helps you to focus on incidental overtime
  • Real time reports are always readily available allowing you to act fast on unexpected changes
  • Track your workforce performance
  • Access to information securely controlled by user level
  • Users have the ability to write & configure their own reports ensuring self-sufficiency in maintaining the module
  • View the areas which incur the most cost to your organizations
  • Comprehensive data to support a well-informed business decision making
  • Mobile GPS clocking
  • Tablet Clocking
  • Netfinger T9 Face and Fingerprint reader
  • FaceID 910X Face Reader
  • Actatek Fingerprint Device