The construction industry is a vital sector that includes a wide range of activities related to the design, planning, building, and maintenance of structures and infrastructure.

The industry faces several challenges, including labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, regulatory compliance, safety concerns, and environmental impacts. To address these challenges, the industry is adopting new technologies and techniques.

Overall, the construction industry plays a crucial role in shaping our built environment and supporting economic growth. Despite its challenges, the industry remains a vital and dynamic sector that is essential to the development of modern society.

Over in Frontier e-HR, our solution is ready to handle these challenges faced by the industry!

  • Conveniently publish schedules which will be available for all your employees via Frontier e-HR self-service portal
  • Allocate resources to areas / locations of most demand when you need it with real time data to support decision making all from a central location or site by site basis.
  • Access to a detailed schedule which gives you a complete control over employees exact working hour
  • Automatic compliance checking against working time directives and employee contracts
  • Flexibility to support shift swaps with colleagues
  • Easy management to handle employees who are on leave, find and replace absent employee through the overview received from the schedule