Accurate and efficient claim management

Manage and analyse your employee benefits package and their monthly claims effectively


Claim Management System

Fully paperless effective claims

Many progressive companies have begun adopting a paperless environment by managing their claims online. With Frontier ehr leapsUP Claim Management System, your company can adopt a paper-free workplace too! Through this e-claim system, you can enjoy the reduction of claims processing manual effort by managing employee claims online. Our Claim Management System will provide you with a fully integrated solution for efficient claims tracking, seamless processing to payroll and document management.

With our expense system, you can free your employees from tedious claim submission processes. Your employees will be be able to look into their payroll and income tax details through self-service functions.

Furthermore, your managers will be able to monitor their teams’ expenditures and manage company budget more effectively. Our expense system also comes with an email approval function which allow managers to approve claim submissions through the convenience of their emails.

On top of that, the e-claim system can save your administrators from unnecessary backlog and reimbursement inaccuracies with leapsUP cost effective claim system. The system’s highly configurable characteristic ensures the implementation of your organization’s diverse expense policies.

LeapsUP Claim Management System is effective as well as user-friendly. Listed below are the rest of the features of the system.