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Our e-Claim Management System provides you with a fully integrated solution for efficient expenses and benefits claim tracking, seamless processing to payroll, and documents management. With our mobile app, we can fulfil your need by freeing your employees from tedious expenses and benefits claim submission processes. Our HRMS Software and Technology has a user-friendly interface with inbuilt functionality to set up the company’s claims policies and manage the expenses claim workflow.

Furthermore, your managers can access and also monitor their teams and employees’ expenditures and manage the company budget report more effectively. Managers can approve expenses claim submissions through the convenience of their emails or mobile app where you don’t have to print receipts anymore. Each new expenses claim will need a standard set of information, making it easier for your employees to submit their expenses claim reports and enabling managers and payroll staff to take the next steps more quickly rather than receiving a receipt and the receipt might be lost.

Our Benefit Claim System and processing technology are some of the most crucial service activities insurance companies perform. With all the information you need, you can easily keep track of employee expenses and payroll in real-time and manage business cash flow more accurately. However, the complexity of managing an expense claims environment with multiple human resource systems and manual hand-offs payroll can create errors and delays that can cause irreparable harm to customer relationships.

On top of that, the e-Claim Software can save your human resources administration from unnecessary backlogs and reimbursement inaccuracies. The system’s highly configurable characteristic ensures the implementation of your organization’s diverse expense policies. e-Claim Software allows the employees to apply and submit their expenses claims via browser or mobile app. Our built-in expenses claim feature helps you reduce unnecessarily complexities and manage business expenses and payroll processes more efficiently. Process expenses claim seamlessly without the paperwork and avoid reimbursement.

Our claim management software allows the management to view the claims when an employee submits them by using the admin mobile app. The managers will be instantly notified whenever there is a submission of claims from employees. They can do an instant review of the supporting documents that need to be submitted online for verification and validation and can approve/reject based on their discretion.

The availability of claims history and reports from employees enables the managers to track their expenses that will be useful for the team in planning and controlling the allocation of budget. This also saves the admin from the unnecessary backlog and minimizes the delays and inaccuracies in employee reimbursements. With Frontier e-HR, let your team submit expenses claims reports from the convenience of their mobile devices or desktop.

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Benefits of management software

When it comes to employee benefits administration, ensuring that your company is offering the best package possible is essential for recruitment and retention purposes. However, organizing and administering these benefits can be a daunting task. This is where benefits administration software comes in. Benefits administration software can make administering employee benefits much easier. It can automate many of the tasks associated with benefits administration, such as enrollment, eligibility verification, and claims processing. Our best-in-class benefits administration software can also help with compliance by tracking all the necessary government reporting requirements. Administrators can use this software to quickly generate reports on employee benefits trends and identify opportunities for cost savings.

Expenses of management software

When it comes to managing company expenses, doing it manually can be time-consuming and prone to human error. Automating the process with expense management software can save time and money. An expense management system allows employees to submit their expenses online, which are then automatically processed. This can speed up the reimbursement process and help ensure that all expenses are accounted for.


Centralised data storage and cloud capability enable instantaneous mobile reporting and 24/7 information accessibility supported by diverse expense reports.


Integration with Payroll Management enables efficient reimbursement, effortless claims management, and high employee satisfaction.

  • Multiple-tier and cross-company approval workflow accessible online.

  • Accurate from-the-source expenses accounting through the General Ledger interface.

  • All expenses are properly accounted for through the categorisation of cost centre assignments.

  • Prevent losses from excess reimbursement and eliminate tedious human verification through leaps of comprehensive expense policy adherence.

  • The exchange rate is flexible with our base rate and tolerance band.

  • Prevent losses from excess reimbursement and eliminate tedious human verification through leapsUP comprehensive expense policy adherence.

  • Exchange rate is flexible with our base-rate and tolerance band.

  • Effortless processing of overseas expense claims through leapsUP multi-currency feature.





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