Accurate and efficient claim management

Manage and analyse your employee benefits package and their monthly claims effectively


Claim Management System

Fully paperless effective claims

Frontier e-HR leapsUP Claim Management System delivers automated methods for claims management; you’ll benefit from the reduction of claims processing manual effort. Besides, you can embrace a paperless environment for managing employee claims online. leapsUP provides you a fully integrated solution for efficient claims tracking, seamless processing to payroll and document management.

Free your employees from the tedious claim submission process with our simple yet innovative leapsUP system. Empower them with the insight to their benefit entitlement information and tracking of their expense claims.

Let your managers monitor their teams’ expenditures to gain better control on budget allocation. Approval of claim submission is made easy through leapsUP email approval.

Save your administrators from unnecessary backlog and reimbursement inaccuracies with leapsUP cost effective claim system. Our highly configurable set up ensures the implementation of your organization’s diverse expense policies.

leapsUP enables you to reduce processing time and save costs through an efficient and user-friendly claim management process: