Casual Labour System

Effectively mobilise your casual labour workforce

Does your organisation rely heavily on a large casual labour workforce? If your answer is “yes”, Frontier e-HR has the perfect HR solution for you! Frontier e-HR casual labour module provides your supervisors with a bird’s-eye view of your organisation’s work schedule through a virtual calendar system. Managers will be able to maintain a level of control over the extended workforce as casual workers can be flexibly shuffled around to better manage crowds during peak-hours. The system helps to track the work commitment of each employee, preventing scheduling mishaps like assigning an employee to the same shift timings at two different locations.

Your employees will benefit from equal work hours distribution as supervisors are more competent at distributing manpower to each outlet. Employee engagement in your organisation will also improve as casual labour can be easily mobilised and deployed to help out other outlets during peak periods.

Empower your managers with a convenient tool for planning out each outlet’s manpower in the upcoming weeks. They can easily identify outlets that are lacking in manpower as well as under-utilised workers that are not assigned sufficient hours.

Support your administrators by reducing the possibility of scheduling errors that can arise from careless manual scheduling. The system also assists admins by tracking the working hours of each casual labour in all outlets, hence streamlining payment processes and ensuring that employees get their pay on time.

Engaging in casual labour workers comes with a plethora of benefits, such as significantly improved workforce flexibility, reduced payroll paperwork and lesser administrative work. However, without setting proper budgets beforehand, casual labour can rack up large costs for your organisations. Frontier e-HR casual labour module will ensure that your organisation will be able to reap all the benefits of casual labour while curtailing it’s negative consequences.

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