About Us

Built By HR For HR

Frontier e-HR is a leading vendor providing cloud-based HR and Talent Management System since 2000. Our award-winning and affordable solutions support common HR processes, managing essential employee information, as well as developing and engaging your employees. Frontier e-HR was acquired by OS HRS in 2022.

Frontier e-HR has gone from strength to strength with a good track record of delivering value to our clients, developing our employees, growing profitability and increasing shareholders’ value over the years. Our operational growth has been self-sustained and funded organically, without any external injection of cash. And this is how our story began…

During the Dotcom boom in the 1990s, our founders were excited about the accelerated adoption of the internet platform for business software and foresaw the potential of massive cost savings and streamlining of processes for businesses. While working for traditional HR and payroll solution providers, they realised that the internet was an ideal platform for delivering HR services to regional HR teams. Slowly, our vision crystallised.

The merits of HR software should not be limited to utilisation by HR practitioners only, but extended to every member of the organisation; transcending location, language and even IT proficiency. With a humble beginning of only three founding members fusing their passion and expertise in web-based development into a driven mission, Frontier e-HR was born.

About OS HRS

The HCM Partner of Global Leaders

OS HRS is an award-winning provider of HR and payroll technology and outsourcing services. Part of Outsourcing, Inc group of companies, we have been the chosen partner of Fortune 500 companies in 21 countries, covering manufacturing, financial services, high-tech, automotive, life sciences, and many more. OS HRS aims to deliver efficient, compliant and innovative global human capital management solutions so that global leaders can focus on what truly matters – their people.

We are transforming the HR industry with next-generation digital HR and payroll, serving over 21 countries. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we are rapidly expanding our presence in the region to support our global enterprise clients with offices in Bangalore, Tokyo and, most recently, Singapore. Our comprehensive solutions help reduce costs, ensure statutory compliance across regions and enhance service levels of global leaders so that they can focus on their core business, HR strategy and most importantly their human capital. We have been providing HR technology solutions and managed services for our multi-national clients for over 20 years, serving over 100,000 of their employees worldwide. Our HR technology and outsourcing solutions are secure, customisable and scalable, matching your global footprint backed with deep local compliance expertise.

Our Vision & Mission

Built By HR For HR


To promote HR operational efficiencies through innovation and great user experience


To be the preferred go-to provider for cloud-based HR solution in South East Asia


We create a safe workplace where our employees are encouraged to push the boundaries and learn from lessons. We strive for a fair and blameless culture that respects everyone as individuals and paves the way to learning and improvement.


We understand a cohesive, close-knit team will often prove greater than the sum of their parts. Moving forward together will bring us success. We show up for each other, act with empathy, and bring our authentic selves to work every day.


We greatly value agility in our planning, decision making and delivery. We adapt according to the market needs, embrace technology advancement and agile business practices as a mean to stay current and forge ahead.


We deliver our commitments. We keep to our word and do what we say we will do. We refrain from doing what we say we will not do. The ends do not justify the means. We protect clients and employees’ confidence.

Chua Weng Foo


Weng Foo has over 20 years of expertise in leadership positions in the technology and education industries. He has served as territory CEO and catapulted business growth in Asia for publicly listed European software companies including UNIT4 (Dutch), CODA (UK), and Frango (Sweden).

By analysing complex situations and introducing innovative strategies to drive efficiencies and sales, he has successfully turned around multiple struggling businesses. He continually fixes business problems he found and transforms companies from sluggish state to high performing sales organizations.

He specializes in go-to-market strategy, talent acquisition, sales force optimization, business transformation, coaching and mentoring, and building a collaborative culture based on trust and result. His ability to effectively balance strategy and execution has helped him launched a number of exciting new products and companies.

Weng Foo has an easy-going personality. He is down-to-earth and maintains a great sense of humour while staying true to himself. In his career, he has coached and brought out the best in his teams, mentoring individuals to set high goals and to realize their potential.

In his free time, Weng Foo participates in the marathon, Spartan race, and long distance cycling. His interests include parkour, skydiving, outdoor exercise, and reading. Active in community work for nine long years, he has volunteered his evenings, and weekends to various causes (including international relief, environmental protection, and local charity). Most recently, he initiated and funded some charity projects including a “hot meal” project where adults with mild intellectual disabilities from APSN prepare free vegetarian meals for low-income seniors. He also supports a monthly tuition fee for disadvantaged children living at the Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home.

Weng Foo has a Bachelor of Computer Science from Rutgers University The State University of New Jersey, United States.

Eric Teong

Co-founder and COO

He is the driving force behind our research and development. Eric possesses a keen curiosity in knowing how things work and how to make them work better, and that has been his personal philosophy in not settling for less when in comes to product innovation. He leads a team of highly talented and passionate personnel in the technology landscape, moving an embryonic idea forward to a fully realised product offering. He works on our technology roadmap and stresses on improving user experience in all our product offerings.

Eric holds a Master in Data Communication and Networking System from University of College London (UCL), United Kingdom