About Us

Built By HR For HR

Founded in the year 2000, Frontier e-HR has gone from strength to strength with a good track record of delivering value to our clients, developing our employees, growing profitability and increasing shareholders’ value over the years. Our operational growth has been self-sustained and funded organically, without any external injection of cash. And this is how our story began…

During the Dotcom boom in the 1990s, our founders were excited about the accelerated adoption of the internet platform for business software and foresaw the potential of massive cost savings and streamlining of processes for businesses. While working for traditional HR and payroll solution providers, they realized that the internet was an ideal platform for delivering HR services to regional HR teams. Slowly, our vision crystallized.

The merits of HR software should not be limited to utilization by HR practitioners only, but extended to every member of the organisation; transcending location, language and even IT proficiency. With a humble beginning of only three founding members fusing their passion and expertise in web-based development into a driven mission, Frontier e-HR was born.