We have all heard of onboarding, when a new employee joins your organization, representing HR department, you will go through some steps to properly introduce them to the teammates, tools, culture, and knowledge required for them to be successful in their role.

When an individual decides to leave, regardless of it being voluntarily or not, completion of some steps is also applicable. A fitting procedure will also affect the employee experience during the end of the tenure and when done well, it ensures a smooth transition for your organization as well as the resignee.

Below are the 4 benefits you can benefit from automating your offboarding process.

1. Avoiding Security Risk & Unnecessary Cost

Having a former employee still being able to have access to your company tools will expose certain risk to your company. Having a process involving your IT department revoking the accesses will give you a peace of mind in this aspect. It also saves your company from unnecessary costs of paying software licence which might no longer be applicable.

2. Preventing Legal Issue

Through the automation of the offboarding process, you will be reminded to process all outstanding wages in accordance with your country’s statutory regulation. This includes filing of tax clearance for your foreign employees who are departing your company.

3. Time Saving for HR Department

Coordinating offboarding process with the resignee’s manager as well as other business units is time consuming, this involves sending multiple emails to the involved parties.

Having an automated system will save you time from this as Frontier e-HR will notify the respective parties to perform the necessary actions for a smooth onboarding process.

4. Consolidated Information

As a result of offboarding, some documentations will be required starting from resignation letter to NDAs. Having your offboarding system residing within your HRMS will help you consolidate your HR information in one place. This also saves you time during audit when certain paperwork needs to be presented.

As your organization grows, more time is needed to deal with HR processes including offboarding. Save countless hours and eliminate unnecessary risks through automation now. Contact us to find out more