The concept of shared services was introduced in the early 1980s by Ford Motors. Since then, it is estimated that over 80% of Fortune 500 companies have some form of shared services implemented in their operations.

What exactly is shared services, particularly Human Resources Shared Services (HRSS) and how does it apply to Payroll? HRSS is essentially a centralized hub consisting of HR administrative and operational duties that adopt automation through technology, and has multi-tiered levels of service and service responses. The various tiers of HRSS provide services such as:

  • Payroll
  • Employee Data Management
  • Benefit & Leave Administration
  • Relocation Services (International and Domestic)
  • Recruiting Operations
  • Learning services
  • Reporting and Analytics

Having HRSS allows organisations to provide standard HR services with best practices in the most efficient way. It also presents an opportunity to allow HR to separate the operational from the strategic, allowing each department to then focus on providing a positive employee experience.

At Frontier e-HR, we specialize in the Payroll arm of HRSS. With a strong foundation in payroll policies and practices, plus the advantage of using our in-house payroll system (leapsUP), the HRSS Payroll Team is well equipped to take on the administrative tasks of payroll.

Having Frontier e-HR HRSS Payroll Team will help your organisation to:

Frontier e-HR’s HR system, leapsUP, aims to cover the full scope of HR operational duties by having modules from Employee Data Management to Payroll, to Leave, to Benefits & Expenses, to Appraisal, to Attendance and more. Using one system to perform your HR functions enables each module to ‘talk’ to each other, lessening any manual intervention. Let your leave encashments, claims disbursements and OT payment be automatically tabulated in our Payroll module. Upon approval by the relevant approving managers, data from these modules can be pushed to payroll and be processed by our Payroll Outsourcing officers. Less manual intervention means less human errors.

With an external and trustworthy team handling your payroll, it ensures that payroll-related matters are restricted to the necessary and limited personnel in your organisation. Such arrangements give your employees an enhanced sense of confidentiality.

With ever-changing regulations on payroll, always stay compliant by relying on a dependable team for timely updates. Frontier e-HR is an IRAS-approved vendor which ensures that the latest regulations will be released to us before it takes effect, giving us time to make adjustments to our processes and calculation methods, if necessary.

As our government pushes for automation and efficiency, HRSS is part of their Productivity Solutions Grant. With only a handful of vendors providing HRSS for Payroll, and an even lesser number having a full-fledged HR system to go with it, Frontier e-HR is proud to be such a provider giving our customers the best of both worlds. Support up to 80% has been extended to March 2022, after which it will drop to 70%.

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