Throughout our 21 years’ experience in dealing various organizations of different sizes, we have encountered many who share with us that the data exchange between HR Payroll and Finance system is still highly manual. Many man-hours are spent to map and reformat data generated from Payroll to align it based on the General Ledger (GL) structure so that this data can be imported to the Finance system.

This manual process is not only time consuming but also error-prone, not to mention that human intervention opens the possibility for fraudulent activities . As it takes man hours to complete this activity, it will also result in a delay between when payroll has been calculated and when Finance will see the data in their system which squeezes the time Finance has to interpret the data.

The good news is that Frontier e-HR will be able to automate this process via our GL interface files, here are simple 5 steps to achieve this automation

1. Determine the list of Pay Elements for mapping

Make a list of all the payments, deductions, statutory elements, and other items that need to be mapped to your GL account codes.

2. Upload GL codes into Frontier e-HR System

You can now perform the uploading of GL codes directly from the system. All you need to do is to populate into an excel and start importing

3. Provide Frontier e-HR with the file specifications

Retrieve the file specifications from your Finance system vendor, it is basically a map which shows the file format for it to interface into the GL system. Once we understand the file specifications, our software development team will write the file in the payroll system in order to create the export file.

4. User Acceptance Test

Once our team has completed the program, it’s now your turn to perform a test to ensure that the data flows correctly

5. Deployment and Go Live

You have now successfully completed all the steps and is ready to generate the file for your monthly payroll.

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