Gentle Oak Veterinary Clinic believes in going beyond textbook veterinary to combine the best of allopathic medicine with complementary veterinary care from various integrative healthcare modalities. Their team of highly skilled veterinaries trusts the process of empowering pet owners and their companion animals, often stressing the importance of preventative pet care.

As a veterinary clinic hyper-focused on the wellbeing of their patients, they did not have much manpower to spare and thus relied on a single person to run their HR department. This led to applying for leaves, claims and even payroll processing were all done manually. What makes it even more inconvenient is the fact that they usually have a surge of part-timers who comes and go. This makes the system extremely messy and inefficient. Hence, they hope to automate their HR process via an HRMS software

They were looking for a vendor who is reliable and has a proven track record. The vendor was also required to have a comprehensive solution including GPS-based clocking which can be accessed via a mobile application. All these would be crucial to the success and allow them to focus on their core mission. 

After searching the internet for a while, they were drawn towards Frontier e-HR’s HRMS. Besides having all the essential modules, they were impressed by the positive reviews which boosted their confidence and therefore decided to give Frontier e-HR a chance. Frontier e-HR is proud to have served and met their needs. We wish them all the best and look forward to a fulfilling journey ahead!