HR Mobile APP

HR Mobile APP

An employee Mobile Application gives employees the convenience of accessing the HRMS at their fingertips. Besides the obvious advantage of it being convenient and having greater accuracy. Here are 9 more functions and features that Frontier e-HR’s HRMS Mobile Application can provide you with. 

9 Must Have Features Of Your HR Mobile APP

1. Push notifications

Having push notifications will ensure that your employees will be aware of the latest update and news from your company. This will aid employees in keeping up-to-date with the latest guidelines that they have to adhere to. For example, the latest Safe Management Measure (SMM) was set out by MOH. Push notifications can also be set to targeted individuals so they are familiar with a set of specific instructions during an event.

2. Company News

A mobile application would be incomplete without allowing employees to see the latest company news and information. For example, it can be used to broadcast the top employee of the year or let employees know that their hard work has paid off when nominated for an award. This is also one of the few platforms that the company leaders such as the CEO and COO can address the entire company.

3. Employee Survey

Employee Surveys will aid managers and supervisors to keep track of employees’ sentiments towards the company and the general consensus of new policies. It will be quick for superiors to implement and gather data making it viable for both employees and employers. It can also be used to submit feedback and ensure that there is constant review of factors such as wellbeing and work-life balance.

4. Contact Directory

Frontier e-HR’s mobile application would have an inbuilt contact directory. This is to help employees save time while looking for someone from a different division. It is especially helpful for big MNCs where there might be a case of repeated common names. Our function of uploading a profile picture will also aid in identifying the right individual. Helping employees save time on menial tasks would boost company morale and allow them to focus on more important assignments.

5. Compatible with iOS and Android

Being able to use on both iOS and Android devices helps your company to save money as you now won’t have to issue company smartphones to all employees. Allowing access through their personal smartphones will also encourage employees, especially those who are not as familiar with the latest technology to adopt and download the HRMS mobile application saving the HR department a ton of effort and time.

6. Multilingual

This is especially crucial for MNCs that have offices and headquarters located across the globe. Showing that your HRMS Mobile Application caters to different languages will allow international employees to feel included and heard. This also minimises the chances of miscommunications due to inaccurate translations. Now, all your employees will be able to keep up-to-date with the latest updates and without spending a lot of time interpreting the messages. Allowing them to communicate in their first language will encourage integration when participating in discussions.

7. Geofencing

Geofencing is the function in the mobile application that allows it to track the GPS location of the phone and display relevant information such as local time zones. This is important to ensure that there will not be any miscommunication among international co-workers when discussing major company events.

8. Security

As an IT company, we are aware of how important security is especially for functions such as payroll and bonuses. By employing features such as 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), employees’ data would not be seen by unauthorised personnel and get compromise easily. Frontier e-HR undergoes Penetration Test constantly to ensure that our security is able to withhold itself against all kinds of exploitation. 

9. Self-Service Functions

Lastly, a HRMS Mobile Application is to ease the workload of the HR department and delegate some of the most menial tasks to the employees themselves. Using the application, they are able to apply for leave and claims without unnecessary forms. They are also able to check their paychecks and bonuses with much ease. It could not get more convenient than this!

Surveys have shown mobile devices use worldwide has surpassed desktop computers. Acting on this information, it would be a wise decision to adopt a mobile application so that employees will be able to keep up-to-date with important company-wide notifications. With the latest happening of covid-19 and the prevalence of work-from-home model used by most companies, having a mobile application will help bridge the distance wherever the employee may be working. 

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