A household name, not only in Singapore, but other countries like Japan as well, Nippon Paint has well established itself as one the leading paint manufacturers locally. With an extensive history that spans over 120 years, Nippon Paint has been breaking through the Paint industry by combining research and development with in-depth local market understanding. By providing end-to-end solutions for every kind of painting needs – from home furnishing, high-rise buildings, factories to numerous industrial applications, they are quick to adapt to the needs of the customer. One example is by launching products such as Singapore’s 1st anti-viral paint that is effective against the current prevailing viruses.

Their business decisions are guided by three core values – integrity, resourcefulness and drive to achieve excellence! As such, they are living out their business vision of building upon the strength of current foundations to meet the demands and challenges of the future and to seek new technologies and create paint innovations to cater to their customers’ needs.

As they work tirelessly to engage their customers with new innovations, they realized that they needed to engage their employees with that same mindset too. Being on the cutting edge in the Paint Industry, it was essential to their operations that their internal processes and technologies used internally are as innovative and user-friendly as the products they are rolling out to their customers. Thus, there came a search for a Human Resource system that could meet their every need. More than the foundational needs of Employee Records, Payroll, Leave & Expenses, they required a Talent Management extension to their HR system as it would help them to develop their employees in a more efficient and engaging way. One last deal-breaker was that the system had to be bilingual to cater to their employees who are more fluent in mandarin.

Over months of discussions, they eventually landed on Frontier e-HR as the only vendor that checked all their boxes. In July 2021, they embarked on a new journey to transform their internal HR processes with our leapsUP system! We are happy to be able to serve and meet Nippon Paint (Singapore)’s needs as they continue to innovate and create great products for the consumers in Singapore!