We are living in a new age of information. With the invention of the internet, technology has evolved to a state where every conceivable question can be searched in a matter of seconds. What took generations in the past to learn has been streamlined and shortened to days. With this comes the natural change in the status quo. Employees used to be at the mercy of their employers as they lack relevant information and the ability to gauge their worths against their peers. Being extremely well-informed would lead to them realising what the market can offer and hence the highest expectation from their employers. Employers would need to learn to catch up to this new normal if they wish to retain their best employees and prevent them from being poached by another company deemed to be more suited whether in pay or a more positive work environment.

Thus, it is important for employers to keep up with the growing demands of a higher educated and diverse workforce. With this, comes the importance of surveys and how it should be utilised to provide a quick gauge of the current attitudes and behaviours in the workplace. Surveys can be administered on many mediums including social media, paper, mobile and face-to-face. With the help of frontier e-HR, we have this function integrated into our HRMS system. 

Here are 5 reasons why surveys are crucial for business growth

1) Gives employees a voice

As stated above, employees in today’s era wants to be heard. They want their opinion to matter and to see positive changes in their working environment. If denied this voice, many talented individuals will seek greener pastures. Hence, with the survey module, a scheduled survey can be sent out to collect information and allow the company to make the appropriate changes. Upon seeing the effort put into the constant improvement, it will make the employees feel valued, leading to increase growth in the company.

2) Leverage on existing personnel data (Integration)

One challenge of conducting annual surveys is the difficulty to compare them with previous data. With the right system in Singapore, this would be a problem of yesteryear. The integration of Frontier e-HR’s HRMS allows you to check all your employees’ previous responses and track for any changes. The growth of the employees is paramount to the growth of the company

3) Find out employees wants and needs

As many as 76% of employees would choose to leave their job if they feel underappreciated according to an article by Forbes. This is especially true in a bigger company where it is unrealistic to form a personal connection to everyone.

4) Offers a different perspective of the workplace

Oftentimes, the leaders of an organisation will have a vastly different view of their company compared to a junior employee. Everyone has varying opinions on every conceivable topic and the workplace is no different. From snacks in the pantry to strategic executions, everyone has something to say and it is good to have a space for suggestions. Rolling out surveys and having an open mind to criticisms and feedback is crucial for a company’s growth.

5) Keep updated with the latest trend (external function)

Another useful function for surveys would be to collate all the existing data from all relevant stakeholders. With our unique and groundbreaking user experience, we have implemented the option for you to send out your survey. Whether clients or partners, they will be able to access your specially curated survey.