Surveys have shown that almost 90% of the populace in Singapore today owns a smartphone. Smartphones are an integral part of society as it helps fulfill most of your basic, essential. needs be it work or leisure. From basic functions such as a phone call to keeping up-to-date with the latest trend on social media, smartphones are there to empower people to perform various tasks on the go. Hence, it is only natural for it to be adopted in the context of HR

1) Anytime, anywhere

As work from home seems to gain more popularity, propelled by Covid-19, it is getting harder and harder to perform basic HR tasks such as keeping Attendance or applying for Leave. With most of the general population encouraged to stay home as much as possible, it becomes increasingly difficult to just seek out your HR representative. Hence, having a mobile application while working from home will allow the employee to attend to their HR matters anytime, anywhere.

2) Ease of mind

The main concern of supervisors and managers dealing with contract staff is the accuracy of their attendance. Ensuring accurate attendance will aid tremendously with fair and just compensation. With the use of a mobile app for HRMS, we can quell your worries as workers are now able to key in their attendance in a timely fashion and minimise as much human error as possible. With automation, your workers will have ease of mind that their calculation of payroll and overtime payment will be of greatest accuracy which will contribute to increased levels of employee satisfaction.

3) Information at your fingertips

With the mobile app HRMS, your employees will have all their information at their fingertips. From pay stubs to benefits information, your employees will now be able to access their information from the convenience of their phones. This way, they can have the ability to do Employee Self Service and can access, update and interact with their data ‘on the go’.

With the current ever-changing situation, we are left in a state of frenzy every day with policies changing at a whim. Having a mobile app HRMS will definitely help you navigate through this complicated and messy period. Whether work from home or in the office, you can ensure that you and your employees would still have access to almost every primary function of a HRMS system.