If you are a company looking for payroll outsourcing services in Singapore, there are no lack of vendors who can provide this service to you. You might probably be evaluating them based on their credibility, pricing and even reviews from their current customers. The most important thing you want to know before you engage a vendor is if you can trust them to handle your payroll. Harvard Business Review wrote, “Trust is the social glue that holds business relationships together.” While it is difficult to know which vendor to trust your payroll to, there are a few things that you can look out for during your exploration stage.

As part of Frontier e-HR”s efforts to provide our customers or potential customers with the highest level of service and assurance, we embarked on a tedious journey to achieve the prestigious accreditation of being an OSPAR-attested vendor. This attestation not only allows us to provide outsourced services to financial institutions, it also improves the services we provide to our other customers at the same time.

With this attestation, you can be assured that Frontier e-HR can provide you with 3 trusted Ps during your search for a payroll outsourcing vendor.

  • (1) Trusted Personnel

    All personnel that runs payroll under an OSPAR-attested vendor must go through a stringent background check. This background check ensures that every payroll personnel has no bad loans and bad credit scores. A good credit score has been linked to trustworthiness and the ability to plan and commit. This check happens annually and each personnel has to pass it every round in order to continue in the same job scope in the organisation.

    On top of the background check, every payroll personnel is required to sign a PDPA agreement upon employment which is valid even upon termination.

    With these measures, we reduce and minimize the risk of a person exposing confidential information of your organisation.

  • (2) Trusted Processes

    Processes are investigated during the OSPAR audit process and streamlined to close any gaps that might have been present.

    Some examples of tightened processes are:

    • Increased transparency whereby files sent over email are not to be zipped so that actual files can be seen upon sending and receiving.
    • All payroll reports must be authorized by at least 2 payroll executives to ensure accuracy, and must achieve a high percentage of error-free payroll that is defined as >99%.
    • Each payroll executive has their individual access to the system, no shared access is allowed.
    • Every customer has to declare authorized personnel whom the payroll executives will communicate with. Other personnel, even if within the same company, will not be able to communicate with the payroll executive to ensure that confidential payroll information goes only to the authorized personnel

    These processes are vetted by the auditors and must meet certain criteria before its approved and implemented throughout the department.

  • (3) Trusted Privacy & Data Protection

    On top of our OSPAR-attestation, Frontier e-HR is also a ISO27701 certified vendor. To be certified as ISO27001 and OSPAR, our organisation has to comply with Information Security Management System (ISMS) issues such as SingCert alerts, HR policies etc.

    One of its requirements is to have a security improvement proposal reviewed at least every year to ensure continued improvement in the resiliency of the security system against potential threats.

    Annual penetration tests are being performed on the payroll system to ensure the highest level of data security, as well and quarterly security code reviews. This ensures that the system is up to date with the latest cyber security threats and are protected against them.

With increased emphasis placed on these 3 Ps – Personnel, Processes and Privacy & Data Protection, our customers can trust that their payroll data will be safe. If you’ll like to find out more about our payroll outsourcing services for Singapore or other countries, get in touch with our consultants today!