Besides the labour-intensive Manufacturing and Construction industry in Singapore, two other industries that has high stress daily operations are in the Food & Beverage and Retail industries. Employees in these industries contribute about 7.5% of total employment, making them key industries for our nation.

Due to the fast-paced nature of these two industries, managers who handle the outlets daily operations feel the enormous pressure to balance managing difficult customers and the continuous demands of their workforce. Handling the workforce manually is no longer viable as the industry accelerates – from communication manual shift requests through phone messaging apps to ensuring there is enough manpower at each outlet at their peak timings. Manage them now through a Cloud-based HRMS!

A manager can take up to 2.64 hours per week on scheduling alone, which adds up to a significant amount of 18.48 hours per month – that is more than a day’s worth of work! Imagine how much better your managers can be managing your workforce and customers if they are released from the giant pile of administrative tasks.

The Frontier e-HR system has been designed to tackle industry specific challenges and here are 5 advantages your managers will have when they adopt this solution.

  • #1: Hire Workforce Seamlessly

    The F&B and Retail industries has a large amount of evergreen positions such as servers, waiters/waitresses, cashiers etc. The nature of evergreen or recurring positions means that hiring happens all the time due to high turnover, mission-critical or both.

    For roles like Operations Managers, they are often involved in having to raise job requisitions, to arranging interviews, to coordinating with Human Resources to hire and onboard a new employee and this can take up a frustrating amount of time.

    With Frontier e-HR’s strategic partnerships with Applicant Tracking System providers, managers will be able to easily raise up predefined job requisitions, effortlessly scheduling interviews with scheduling tools that allows the interviewee to select their optimum interview time and hand the baton over to HR once the manager has approved and hired a candidate. All information that HR requires would have been collected in a centralized database that they can be pushed into the Frontier e-HR HR system within seconds.

  • #2: Rehire Trained and Ready Staff for Ad-hoc Events and Peak Periods

    Managers need to be always ready for an influx of customers that parallels to an increase of workforce. It might be that there’s a sudden roadshow or that it is a peak season for the industry or outlet – but in truth, it can be required within a few days and managers do not have a lot of time to prepare.

    In times like this, it is a relief to have an arsenal of staff who have been trained and worked within your organisation before. As such, a report such as Attrition Reports with Rehire Eligibility is crucial to shorten the time required to search for, hire and train the impromptu workforce.

    HR has the flexibility to mark a resigned staff as “Eligible for Rehire” which enables them to generate the required report. As the staff is in the system, they can easily be rehired by creating a new career record and can be put to work immediately. What a relief for managers!

  • #3: Overview of Manpower Across Multiple Outlets

    Teamwork amongst Operations Managers is highly valuable as it allows each to plan and take full advantage of the resources available to them. Working silo in such an intense environment can easily cause miscommunication which leads to an ineffective use of resources.

    Frontier e-HR’s scheduling feature in the Time Attendance System allows managers to have a bird’s eye view of the rosters for multiple outlets at once which means that now managers can leverage on shared resources. Their ability to roster a staff at their main outlet but also the flexibility to roster them as a stand-in for another outlet if there’s a shortage of manpower. Your workforce is the most important resource, especially in labour-intensive industries like F&B and Retail – don’t waste it due to poor communication.

  • #4: Maintain Operations Manpower Budget

    Due to the fluid nature of these industries, operations costs can vary when the workforce unexpectedly is required to extend their working hours. Sometimes, these extensions are unnecessary but can go unseen as managers are unable to keep track of every single employee’s working hours.

    Maintain your operations manpower budget by getting your workforce to raise requisitions when they work overtime. Frontier e-HR’s OT requisition process can limit each staff’s daily working hours to 12, as in accordance with Singapore’s MOM regulations. This allows managers to keep track of their operations budgets tightly.

    For management workforce that are not eligible for paid OT, Frontier e-HR’s Attendance system gives companies the flexibility to convert their overtime hours into time off that they can use in the future. Reward your workforce by showing them appreciation of their extra effort, in form of payment or extra hours off.

  • #5: Improve Engagement Between Managers and Workforce

    Finally, close up any communication gaps between your managers and workforce by giving your workforce the power to perform certain functions on their own. Enable them to perform the following tasks via Frontier e-HR’s Mobile HRMS:

    • Raise up shift change request
    • Apply leave that is reflected during scheduling
    • Raise up OT requisitions

    Managers do not need to manually keep track of such ad-hoc requests that usually comes from different messaging platforms. Therefore, it helps to ensure that what the staff has raised up is not forgotten but kept track of in the system.

    Managers can also easily release memos to their workforce via the News Bulletin board which can be received through Frontier e-HR’s Native App. Engage your workforce through empowerment with numerous self-service functions!

Seemingly small changes to internal processes will improve the experience of your managers and workforce. Through these improvements, people involved will feel the organisation’s desire to improve and innovate. So, take the step today to lend an advantageous edge to your workforce operations team now by contacting our Frontier e-HR Team.