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Talent Management Playbook For 2021 – Digital Transformation In Talent Management As The New Normal

The year 2020 is not a typical year for HR professionals and employees.  The lockdowns and travel restrictions have pushed organisations to take immediate action, including a sudden shift to remote work and implementing a new way of working arrangements to comply with safe distance measure.

Many organisations have taken the opportunity to re-think their business model, products, and services. To align with organisation’s business process, HR leaders must take re-evaluate their talent management practices, employee engagement, and talent acquisition.

With so much of the workforce working remotely, keeping productivity up during the crisis is more important than ever. As employee engagement goes up, productivity goes up so is retention and workplace safety. A highly engaged workforce benefits everyone in the company, from individual team members to management and they make customers happier.

Employee engagement and adoption of technology gained a lot of attention this year largely due to the impact of COVID-19. Many organisations are forced to quickly adapt and accelerate the use of technology to increase efficiency.  The need to reduce or remove manual processes and increase automated processes become crucial to quickly transit from traditional working from the office to working from home. To do that, there is a high demand for technology solutions including online collaboration tools and videoconferencing. With the limited opportunity for face-to-face contact and increased flexibility in terms of work locations in hiring, remote HR teams need to adapt to a cloud-based Human Resource System (HRM) as a “new normal” to manage their distributed workforce, talent hiring, training learning while maintaining productivity and employee engagement.

The Frontier e-HR Human Resource Information System (HRIS) provides a fully integrated solution to manage remote employee onboarding, employee induction and training, and performance appraisal in meeting KPI and productivity.


HR onboarding is generally a very tedious process where it requires the coordination of multiple people and multiple paperwork flow to create a new user employee account. Using SFTP integration RecruiterPal Applicant tracking system (ATS) to Frontier e-HRM, the talent data needed for onboarding stream seamlessly into the employee management to create employee digital profile.  Once the employee profile is created, the onboarding experience can further enhance with the activation of an onboarding provision template, the checklist helps to notify various people in charge with a set of delegate tasks. The real-time monitoring of the checklist completion helps to keep the remote HR informed of the status.

Employee Induction and Training

With Frontier eHRIS, the HR manager could trigger an onboarding On-the-Job (OJT) induction program to orient new employee on organisation’s culture, business processes, compliance, and regulations to pre-assigned coach and mentor. Notifications through smart alerts and emails to ensure completion of training curriculum.

Coupled with Frontier end-to-end learning management system (LMS), HR managers can manage the entire training process from planning, execution, documentation, tracking, evaluation, and insights remotely.  With the employee self-service portal, it empowers remote employees to self-enrolment of courses and recommending of courses to HR.  The online pre- and post-course survey evaluation mythologies framework helps HR to measure the overall effectiveness and provides a continuous feedback loops to build skills relevancy to stay competitive in the market.

Performance Appraisal

Once employees are on board, performance management becomes important. Performance Appraisal is both time and manpower consuming process when performed without digital transformation.  A good cloud-based performance appraisal system automates performance appraisal and serves as a platform to streamline performance management process as per business requirements. Frontier eHR Performance Appraisal system provides great flexibility with the ability to customise workflow, configuration multiple appraisal KPI and competency templates, multi-level approvals, and remainder setting.  The performance appraisal system capability to provide a thorough performance review with goal setting, tack goals, rate job performance, and get insights into each employee’s performance.  The online performance-based provide a platform to encourage not only automated appraisee to appraiser engagement and performance review process, the setting of 360-degree gathers feedbacks from peers, managers, and subordinates. This insight offers a useful way to receive unbiased, specific, and well-rounded information from different perspectives.

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