Making People Our Priority: Measures Taken due to COVID-19

As the unknown virus takes the world by storm, businesses might have to accept that this is the new normal. There was once a time when touch screen phones were a phenomenon. Now, everyone from the young to old owns one. It became a norm. What is great about people is that we are highly adaptable! Although we might be fighting an invisible enemy, as long as we keep on fighting, we will prevail.

At Frontier e-HR, we are also doing our part to fight this by ensuring our employees and our customers are safe and protected. Based on the latest advisory by our Government, the best way to fight this is by maintaining good hygiene, and to avoid gathering in big groups. Taking it a step further, we would like to announce a few measures that we have taken.

(1) Close monitoring of employees’ health & visitors

Every visitor who enters our office building is required to do a declaration form and a temperature check. In addition, our employees are asked to take their temperature daily and to stay at home if they have any respiratory symptoms. This helps to ensure everyone that our office is a safe space.

(2) Encouraging virtual meetings

In order to minimize risk caused by visiting multiple places and coming into contact with different people, we are now encouraging all our employees to hold their external meetings virtually. However, if the scope of the meeting does require our consultants or sales persons to be at the venue physically, we will still fulfill that duty after taking necessary precautions.

(3) Team rotation

Each department has a rotating schedule to lessen the number of employees in the office. As such, we seek your cooperation to email in any support-related issues instead of calling our hotline as there will be lesser Support Staff in the office during this period.

With all these measures in place, we hope to give our employees and their family members a peace of mind as we come together to fight this. As we embrace this new norm, we seek the understanding and cooperation of our customers and partners. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and provide updates when necessary.