Incorporate HR with your Business Continuity Plan

Business Continuity Plan are often not the priority for most organisations as it seems that they are planning for something that might never happen. However, in light of recent events, all organisations are rushing to implement and come up with a BCP. A BCP ensures that personnel and assets are protected and are able to function as per normal in the event of a disaster.

As for HR, here are some ideas of what you can include in your BCP.

1) Move your HRMS to Cloud

The talk of moving to cloud has been a huge topic in the HRMS industry. Instead of being tied down to a particular device or network, as HR, you can perform your HR tasks such as updating Personnel particular, running Payroll, pulling HR related reports remotely and on any device.

There is a reason why most companies still do not make that leap and that is due to security concerns. There is always a risk of putting all your employees’ sensitive data onto the cloud which is why finding a reliable and credible vendor is extremely important.

Ensure that the data centre that your information will be hosted on has the relevant cloud security certifications and measures in place. Also ensure that the software you are subscribing to undergo an annual penetration test so that you can be sure that the software is well protected from data theft.Frontier e-HR has been up to par with all security certifications and penetration tests. Read more about our credentials here.

2) Enable Staff to perform Self-service

Instead of having all Personnel information bottle-necked at the HR department, empower your staff to update their particulars themselves. In the event that the HR department is unavailable or short-handed, staff will still be able to update their information accordingly.

3) Go paperless

Most germs and bacteria are passed around through contact. Instead of having to wash hands whenever letters or forms are handed out, go paperless! Cut away contact when handing in leave application forms, expenses claims, appraisal forms and even letters such as bonus letters etc.

You save the trees and keep each one’s own hygienic at the same time!

4) Outsource your Payroll

The last measure you can think about is about outsourcing your payroll. If the entire department is unable to work or is short-handed, outsourcing your payroll fast will be the organisation’s priority.

At Frontier e-HR, we offer the flexibility of quick payroll outsourcing implementation. Unlike other payroll outsourcing companies, Frontier e-HR uses our own system when running payroll for our clients. Because of this, no payroll migration is required in the event that you need to hand your payroll functions to us. Within the system, access rights can be assigned to our Payroll officer and just like that, your payroll is outsourced. Find out more about our outsourcing services here!

Now, more than ever, BCPs are considered an essential for every organisation. Make sure that you’ve covered all areas including HR functions! Talk to us on how we can be part of your BCP today.