About UA Sports (SEA) Pte Ltd

Being the fastest growing sports performance brand worldwide, Under Armour retail stores and staff expanded exponentially over the 8 years that they have been in Singapore and across the SEA markets.

In the region, Under Armour stores were first launched in Singapore on 29 May 2014. Since then, their staff strength has grown from a little under 6 to 150 staff.

Having  been awarded the Singapore SME 1000 Net Profit Growth Excellence Award in 2018, UA Sports is truly a market leader within the commerce-retail industry. With this recognition, UA Sports looks  to expand even more thus needing to think about how they can sustain their growth  with a flexible HR system.

The Need for HRIS

Going through the tedious process of running payroll manually every month for 150 staff can be mundane, frustrating, even prone to errors. When you run payroll manually for 150 staff in the retail business, the stress is multiplied because of the retail variable components payout and pay calculations that vary every month.

For their monthly payroll, UA Sports used to spend 8 man-days, with 2 staff taking 2 full days to calculate payment and manually inputting those numbers into their then-payroll system. However, because of their upcoming expansion, that would have been highly unfeasible which made UA Sports decided that it was time for them to outsource their payroll to professional whom they could trust so they could focus on strategic management such as talent retention and employee engagement.

Evaluation Process

Their search started in late July 2017 and lasted for six months with Frontier e-HR as the last vendor standing. “It was important to us that we worked with someone reliable.” Said Jacqueline, a HR Coordinator who was very involved in the evaluation process. Other than having stable credentials, they also chose a vendor based on the system’s user-friendliness and having other modules they found useful.

UA Sports also uses the Leave module which is integrated with the payroll. This means that they do not need to key in double entry data when their staff applies for leave types, such as no pay leave, which affets their payroll. They also use the Appraisal module to reduce paperwork during their performance review periods.

Reliable & Strong Support Team

UA Sports requires much support due to their high retail variable components payout. When questions and queries arose regarding their monthly payroll or system, this is what Jacqueline has to say. “Our payroll officer is highly reliable and stable when running our payroll. It is always on time. The support team is also very helpful whenever we need help and assistance with our other modules. They are always able to answer and solve our problems.”