5 Tips for HR Department to Go Paperless

It is indeed a known fact that HR is a busy department since it is single-handedly responsible for so many procedures, starting from recruitment to payroll, furthermore, it can feel as though the piles of paperwork and manual administrative tasks are never-ending. Trying to run a busy HR department with information based on paper, spreadsheets, or manual databases no longer cuts in today’s modern business environment. Not only is it time-consuming, but there are also inevitable issues with storage security, accuracy, duplication, and consistency. These issues are mainly due to human errors that are often unavoidable. Naturally, this can cause a great deal of frustration for all concerned in the processes.

Implementing paperless systems within your HR function helps fix these problems, modernizing your process by using technology and automation to eliminate the issues that paper-based procedures bring.

Here are 5 tips you can consider to achieve streamlined paperless processes within your HR function

  1. Cloud based HRIS for Data Storage

Data relating to employee personnel and job information and employee documents such as passport copy, past certifications, employee contracts can be stored in the cloud rather than via paper hard copy. Not only does this make the data more accessible by HR teams, it’s also a great way to improve the confidentiality and data protection of the information, as permissions can be set to allow different levels of access by individual and job role.

  1. E-documents and PDFs

Utilizing e-documents and PDF copies mean that documents can be sent electronically to employees for them to view, save, and even sign and return. This is ideal as such documents can then be automatically filed and kept on employee level. Frontier e-HR has recently launched our e-letter feature to ensure that letter generation and distribution are both seamless and paperless.

  1. Online Payroll Approval Report

Generating Payroll reports for approval can be considered as a monthly task for all HR departments. Through Frontier e-HR payroll reports approval, HR Department can streamline the creation and approval of payroll reports. This process enables a payroll administrator to generate a payroll report and send it for approval online. With this process, the responsible persons from HR and relevant departments can review and either approve or reject the payroll report. Payroll administrators and relevant managers in the workflow can also download the payroll report and save it as a worksheet in his or her PC.

4.       Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal can be completed both the line manager and employee electronically. Feedback can be easily compiled in Frontier e-HR and most importantly results from performance evaluations can be compared across teams and the organization.

5.       Coach other employees about going green

This should be one of the first steps for any department or office looking to go paperless. As policy influencers, HR departments can lead the charge on going paperless in the office. At a minimum, consider sending a company-wide memo. But if you want to make it more encouraging and interesting, you could turn it into a game—teams with the lowest print rate get some sort of recognition