About 8M Real Estate

“We’re a property company that focuses on building a portfolio of properties and holding them for the long term” says founder and managing director of 8M Real Estate Pte Ltd, Ashish Manchharam. 8M Real Estate Pte Ltd, 8MRE for short, owns and manages high quality CBD commercial properties in Singapore.

They have a deep understanding and intimate knowledge of the real estate markets with extensive research and market intelligence. Through their in-house management team, they are able to identify, value-add and execute transactions with their clients to deliver long term returns. More than that, they also have profound appreciation of boutique shophouses that they are rejuvenating along their journey.

A need for accountability & accuracy

As a company sets its mind towards expansion, there are certain processes to be put in place for accountability and
accuracy. 8MRE chose to seek help from the professionals to keep their payroll processes accountable and accurate. There
were 3 main reasons that 8MRE decided to outsource their payroll after having done it inhouse for the previous years.

1) To streamline their payroll
2) To ensure that they are up to regulations
3) To have an additional layer of checks

There has been a constant tug-of-war as to whether should HR or Finance be the one in charge of payroll. It’s a huge responsibility, and it requires a level of discretion. Now with Frontier e-HR, there is a sense of assurance knowing that there is an extra pair of eyes helping to ensure that the numbers are accurate. It is also comforting to Jovin to know that their payroll will always be up to the latest statutory requirements.

“The benefit of Payroll Outsourcing comes with the Check and Balance part”

Jovin Ong – HR Manager

Confidence in Service

With the sea of payroll outsourcing vendors in the market, what really impressed 8MRE was the prompt service and response time delivered by Frontier e-HR.

“Frontier e-HR’s payroll officer is very on the ball. In fact, she’s the one chasing all the time for data,” joked Jovin. She was full of gratefulness for the services rendered by our payroll officer and our project consultant.

A Value Added System

A great thing about having a unified system is that all reports can be pulled from a centralized database. The automated system helped 8MRE, who used to have manual processes, to track all leave applications and other applications seamlessly. The standard reports provided by the system stands out amongst many other systems. A lot of time is saved when data is needed for reports

“It is definitely a lot easier when I want to pull out data and reports. It is pretty much at my fingertips. Instead of having to churn the data manually, I can just use the system”

Jovin Ong – HR Manager