Report cards are essential to help any individual or organisation to take note of their progress. Through honest evaluation, we find out how well we have done and to take note of areas we have to improve in for the next year. Before we start the new year, we would like to dedicate our next post to revealing our 2018 report card, according to our customers.

At Frontier e-HR, we recognize that Customer Service is of utmost priority – timeliness, communication, attitude are all criteria to great customer service. Based on our 2018 performance, almost 90% of our customers rated satisfied on Issue Resolution, Quality of Advice and Promptness in Email Response, with 0 complaints! More than that, 89% remarked that our Support Team was knowledgeable and courteous.

Besides our Support Team, we also asked our customers how satisfied they are with our product. 80% of our customers mentioned that they were satisfied, and 2 out of 3 clients are likely to recommend Frontier e-HR’s products to their friends. We would definitely consider that a win!

Having heard all the feedback, we are dedicated to improving our product and services. In late 2018, we have launched several new initiatives to help make our customers voices heard within our organisation. We felt that we could involve them in helping to plan our product roadmap.

  • Feedback Channels

Through our website, all our customers with an account would be able to give feedback on our consultants or support team. It could be something good that has been done, or something which you feel can be improved. We hope to commend great performance and to prevent not so good ones.

  • Voting Poll

In deciding the priorities in which we develop our next enhancements, we wanted to involve our customers by letting you vote in the enhancements you feel will benefit you the most. From these polls, we will launch our enhancements accordingly.

2018 has been an amazing year at Frontier e-HR. There were many lessons that we have learnt, and we are glad that we had done well to service our customers. 2019 will no doubt be an even better year as we look forward to working even closer together with our customers!