Turning to Frontier e-HR to Power its Digital Transformation

Idemitsu Lube Asia Pacific Pte Ltd – The roots of Idemitsu can be traced back to 1911. Founded by Idemitsu Shokai in Moji, Japan, it started out as an oil company. Idemitsu is now an energy company that refines, manufactures and sells petroleum, oil and petrochemical products.

It also engages in the exploration, development, and extraction of petroleum, coal, geothermal resources and other mineral resources. Idemitsu’s presence in Singapore started in 1986 when they were appointed as a distributor.

Digitalization and standardization are two things companies can’t afford not to have in the growingly competitive market, but until mid of 2018, HR did meet either of these objectives. With the operation fragmented regionally, it is an obvious choice to have a unified regional system. Besides, it became clear that having the solution hosted on the cloud was the only option, particularly given the level of HR and IT resources available.

Frontier e-HR emerged as the ideal fit for Idemitsu’s needs after the internal evaluation which took a little more than 3 months. The decision is obvious given the fact that the requirements for both full cloud-based and regional rollout can both be met.

The focus on this project itself will be to provide business value and increase employee experience through the automation rather than just cost saving, although a huge story could easily be written out of IT and maintenance cost saving. The project is currently being implemented starting from Employee Personnel Management and it will be rolled out in phases to include Leave, Benefits and Expense Management. A key benefit for HR will be the significant reduction in manual workload. Just as importantly, with the database being held centrally about the employees rather than being pulled out from multiple sources, reporting is far easier.

Bypassing the need for manual paper forms to approve requests like vacations is also easing the admin burden for line managers. The effort will be worth it, having better reporting, single source of truth of HR data across all regions and more opportunities for HR to focus on strategic issues are all huge benefits.  Ease of use will also be greatly improved, particularly because people can use their mobile devices to access Frontier e-HR on the go.