Always feeling overworked in HR?

An inbox flooded from incoming requests, a stack of Personnel files balancing at the side of your table for filing, window tabs open to research on the latest compliance standards… Sounds like a typical day at work for most people working in HR! If you are feeling overwhelmed and overworked in HR, you don’t have to be. Ask yourself these 3 simple questions to transform your HR department.

Q1: What’s on my not-to-do list?

With an average ratio of 1 HR professional to 100 staff, our work is often overwhelming and it distracts us from the actual tasks we are suppose to be doing. In a research conducted by West Monroe, 93% of HR managers spend more than an hour each day on administrative tasks; 23% even spending above 5 hours. Look at an average week of an HR professional below.

First 60% of tasks can be automated and thus, not value-added tasks. So into the not-to-do list it goes. The remaining 40% is what HR should be spending their time and effort on.

Q2: Have you automated your tasks?

Automation is empowerment. With automation, you are drastically freed up, in your time and in your mind, to develop creative ways to retain talents, engage employees, spread culture, and so much more. Your employees are also empowered with information at their fingertips such as being able to check their leave entitlement immediately, able to edit their personnel information when necessary, able to check their payslip as and when they want, just to name a few. Here are a few tips to note when choosing a system.


Ensure that the system has taken several security measures against data thieves. Data ransomware cost businesses more than $75 billion a year.


Find a system that is flexible and allows you full authority to create policies instead of always needing to look for your system provider.


Having modules that talk to each other helps you to ensure that no information gets left out. It also reduces repeat effort to key in data from one module to another.

Q3: Does my HR system value add?

There’s so much more a HR system can do for you if you know what to look for. More than automating, it can value add to you by providing reports.

HR professionals rely on numbers to tell them how healthy their organisation is – rate of attrition, length of service, rate of promotion sorted by departments, average appraisal score… Turn your HR system into one that works for you by ensuring that it is able to churn out reports which are helpful to your cause.