Why Frontier e-HR is perfect for
Hospitality and F&B Industries

In the recent years, hospitality industry has faced increasing challenge of high staff turnover, more competition from the likes of Airbnb as well as the increased expectations of the customers. The industry is continuously expected to deliver a better customer experience through optimisation of their operations. The use of innovative technology is recommended as hotels need to find innovative and exciting ways of doing this.

We have seen technological advances utilized in redefining the customer experience through the use of ‘smart controls’ for guests to experience the full control of environment in their room. Similarly, intelligent business solutions will also help hotel operators to enhance operations efficiencies, deliver a better customer experience and improve the levels of staff engagement and retention.

Hotel industry faces a unique set of challenges including operating 24/7, seasonal staff levels and complex schedules. When this is combined with ever-growing expectations from guests, the need to keep a competitive edge becomes even greater, which are reasons why organizations have moved towards the automation.

Reflect on the questions below to evaluate if Workforce Management System is right for you.
• How complex is your workforce management – locations, employees/location, roles/location, pay rules/employees?
• Do your site-level managers spend more than three hours a week on labor management?
• How many error corrections are processed in your system?
• What is the cost of workforce management as a percentage of labor cost?
• How effective is your management process?
• Is your reporting information actionable?
• How common are under/overstaff scenarios – is it visible?
• Is your forecast data from key staffing drivers automated?
• How do turnover, mis-punches, inappropriate staffing and overtime contribute to your labor costs?

If most of the answers indicate that you are in need of help through automation, continue reading to find out 4 tips on how to gain competitive advantage through Frontier e-HR Workforce Management System

1. Start Keeping Track of Tasks

Every hotel is going to have a certain number of tasks that need to be performed on a regular basis. Task management is an important part of better workforce management. By being able to see what is being done, when it’s being done and who is doing hoteliers have a complete overview, in real-time, of what work is being completed

2. Moved Towards Integrated Solution

Interfaces to legacy or bundled time-keeping devices feed punch data into time and attendance modules cutting the steps required for HR to verify the data from devices. Reporting capabilities generate alerts if an employee has exceeded the bounds of when they may clock in or out. Additionally, managers can monitor employees’ adherence to the schedule and make changes before they are committed to payroll.

3. Empower Your Employees

With proper communication, employees will feel their work lacks direction and adrift when it comes to personal and professional development and progression, something that’s increasingly important for employers to be aware of as Millennials (and their values) become the biggest demographic in the workplace. Integrating powerful communication into your Workforce Management helps keep your employees engaged and motivated.

One of its features, Employee Self Service will allow staff members to clock in, check their schedule, submit shift change
requests, fill out timesheets, and monitor accruals online. The convenience and autonomy has improved morale, improved communication, and increased efficiency.

4. Take Advantage of Business Insights

Nearly two thirds of business leaders say they have a better insight into their business from using a workforce management solution.

Get a quick view to information such as:
• Absence percentage, which includes statistics on sick leave and vacation days.
• The optimal setup of your staff, including how many full-time employees you need compared to part time.
• The number of hours worked against those budgeted, they are able to see and influence real time data to manage their businesses more effectively.

Every business has different pain points which is why the biggest impact varies from case to case. What we know is every business using a workforce management will save money. Frontier e-HR is committed to help you find the areas where the cost saving will have the biggest impact and then work with you to implement the best solution.