Deliver Key Performance Improvements Through Frontier e-HR Workforce Management System

Organisations often question the return on investment (ROI) to determine the value of a software solution.

Given the broad scope that Frontier e-HR solutions offer, we have categorized some of the most important KPIs into three parts: 1. Workforce productivity enhancement, 2. Labour cost improvement and 3. Overall business value.

As part of the survey conducted with representatives of Frontier e-HR customers, we are delighted to share the significant improvement thanks to the automation and efficiencies Frontier e-HR permits.

Workforce Productivity Enhancement

Compilation of reports is undeniably one of the mundane tasks that HR must perform regularly. Improvement in this area will greatly affect the workforce productivity positively. Aside from that, the intelligent automation has also allowed HR to focus more on the non-administrative areas. Jeremy Ong, Operations Director of Golden Equator cited, “It has helped us to bring our focus more in the business rather than spending too much time of HR administrative tasks.”

Below are the 5 benefits related to Workforce Productivity Enhancement

  1. Reduction in Time Required to Compile Management Reports
  2. Reduction in Time Spent to Track Employee’s Absence and Time Offs
  3. Reduction in Time Spent on Training Related Administrative Tasks
  4. Real Time Visibility and Insights to Employees’ Performance
  5. Improvement in Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Level

Labour Cost Improvement

On average, customers testify that the time required for Pay Calculations has been reduced on average of 30-40%. Jeffrey Koh, the Executive Director of E+HPS confirmed, “It reduces our payroll processing time by 33%, besides it also ensures the accuracy of the calculation compared to manual processes.”

In summary, below are the other 10 benefits of Workforce Automation related to Labour Cost Improvements

  1. Reduction in Pay Calculation Errors
  2. Reduction in Pay Input Errors
  3. Reduction in Correction Time Required for Pay Input Errors
  4. Reduction in Time Spent Creating and Updating Employee Schedules
  5. Improvement in Time Required to Manage and Control Overtime
  6. Timely and Accurate Scheduling Process
  7. Effective Utilisation of Staff Resources
  8. Reduction in Costs Associated with Paper Tracking
  9. Reduction in Time Required to Manage Unexpected Employee Absence
  10. Reduction in Unnecessary Overtime Pay

Overall Business Value

Through the intelligent automation, Frontier e-HR have enabled company growth with similar or even reduced staff resources. This has allowed our customers to stay competitive in the market. Grace Dai, Financial Controller of Crayon stated, “the implementation of Frontier e-HR has saved us some cost of hiring of at least 12,000 yearly.”

Apart from this, KPI related to IT management and resources do exist when it comes to cloud application. Peck Lian, the HR executive from Imaginarium Media agreed on this, “No further investment is required on hardware such as server since Frontier e-HR offers cloud-based solution.”

Frontier e-HR recognizes that organizations do not have similar ideal solutions, however we commit on delivering similar results every organization is looking for. With our experience and best practises born through more than 17 years of implementation, you can enjoy all the improvement and stay competitive in the continuously transforming business climate.