Trust Energy Resources Pte Ltd

A wholly owned subsidiary of India’s ‘powerhouse’, Tata Power, Trust Energy Resources Pte Ltd (TERPL) is responsible for securing the coal supply and shipping of coal for Tata Power’s thermal power generation operations.

TERPL’s areas of businesses include ship owning/chartering and operating, investment in coal mining assets, and coal trading. Tata Power Company Ltd pioneered the generation of electricity in India more than 100 years ago and today, it is the country’s largest integrated power utility.

Growing Out Of Excel To A Fully Integrated System

During the early years of TERPL, Personnel and Administration Management were managed through an Excel-based system. As the headcount grew, TERPL realized that they needed a system that was robust enough to cater to their needs.

They also realized that they needed a more integrated system as they were using 3 different systems for their HR, finance and shipping modules.

There were a number of considerations that TERPL had:

  1. The system had to be cloud-based
  2. The company had to be local to ensure that it would be more tuned with local policies
  3. The system had to be a one-stop solution
  4. The system had to have the flexibility and possibility of integration with other systems

Comprehensive And With A Flexibility Of Integration

After some research online, TERPL came across a handful of local-owned, cloud-based systems. However, Frontier e-HR stood out amongst them as it was the most comprehensive system that could handle most of their needs. More than providing them with most of the needed modules, there was also the possibility of integrating Frontier e-HR with their finance module in the future.

“It made sense to work with Frontier e-HR as integration was possible and they provided a complete suite of HR modules requires for us.”

June Koshy, Human Resources Manager, Trust Energy Resources Pte Ltd

Implementation Process And After Effects

Based on our usual process and the amount of data/policies that had to be imported into the system, implementation was set to be completed in 6 months. However, due to a tight timeline, our consultant was tasked with the challenge of completing it in 3 months. And he rose to the challenge! Trips to the office were made almost every week, and the timeline was shortened.

After implementation, life is definitely a lot easier for Ms June and her colleagues. “We’ve moved also into a paperless process where possible. We were previously managing a lot of papers in terms of claims, leave forms and all the applications. It is definitely a lot easier for payroll as well,” smiled Ms June. Her colleagues are also glad that the system has been easy to use.

Integration Of Payroll & Claim Modules To Existing Finance System

Frontier e-HR is looking forward to further supporting Trust Energy Resources in making their administrative work paperless. Integration of their finance module into the Frontier e-HR system has been mentioned, and we look forward to furthering discussion to making TERPL’s system fully integrated with their other modules.